We offer a turn-key development of custom algorithms to solve various problems together with complete electronics and their implementation.


We provide the development with the use of rich experience in various fields:

  • RF circuits,
  • Ultra-stable and ultra-low-noise circuits (femtosecond range of jitter)
  • Implementation of complex algorithms in FPGA and ARM Core processors
  • Ultra-fast custom machine control and monitoring devices
  • High-voltage systems (>10kV)
  • Micro-power electronic solutions (<100nW)
  • Storm and Lightning detection
  • etc.

Projects are designed completely according to the customer's requirements, whether best parameters, or best cost-benefit ratio of the product is desired.

Our designed algorithms and their implementation are always according to the latest technology and scientific knowledge.

We can supply complete devices with technical documentation and source codes. We are also able to provide further products supply using sub-contracted manufacturers.
Our aim is to provide professional services with careful support throughout the contract at a reasonable price.

Should you be interested please contact us with your demand (initial consultation both written or personal is provided completely free of charge and without obligation).